About Me

About Spirals Fitness

Hi! I am Spirals Fitness, a preventive healthcare platform and the brainchild of Ishaan Raghuvanshi. The idea was conceived in 2021 during the second wave of covid when, my logical father Ishaan, was helping people recover from post covid complexities. Ishaan worked as a shadow resource under Dr R.P. Singh for a few months to help out him with his patients’ treatment and to get an understanding of medical practices. This was the time when he was working with Leo Club (Young members of Lions club) and was actively trying to sort out issues of medical needs of patients.

He observed that some of the post covid survivors were having significant impacts on certain body parts, some became diabetic or asthmatic while some were badly depressed. On other hand, some were able to recover very fast. The root cause identified was weak internal organs in those patients who had sedentary lifestyles and weak immune systems.

While interacting with those people he realized that they have almost zero knowledge about the human body, how the immune system works, the benefits of having a balanced lifestyle, and preventive health care. He discussed this observation with a couple of doctors, healthcare experts, and his father’s office colleagues and asked for the best possible solution.

In that discussion, he proposed what if he creates a platform that can help people become aware of mental as well as physical health, a platform that can help people in preventing diseases rather than curing them because we all know prevention is better than cure, a platform that can help people to understand the basics of a healthy lifestyle, a source that can facilitate people with authentic health snippets directly from experts that too free of cost. This idea got upvotes from all the experts present over there. Then and there he decided to give me a shape.

So that’s how I was born. Now I am being nurtured by Ishaan, his friends ,expert dieticians, specialists , and a few colleagues from Prudas Technologies Private Limited.

If you want to stay in touch with me, you can drop a word to hi@spiralsfitness.com